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Deal Point Checklists:

Screenplay Option Agreements

  1. Copyright
    • Chain of title satisfactory
    • Application on file or to be filed
  2. Option
    • Amount for option (not purchase price)
    • Length of time for first option period
    • Exclusive or non-exclusive
    • Territory
    • Extensions
      • price
      • length of time
      • apply toward purchase price or not
  3. Purchase Price
    • amount
      • fixed vs. percentage of budget
      • contingent (back-end) compensation
  4. Sequels
    • conditions (sole credit on original movie?)
    • price-usually 50% of original purchase price if sole writer of sequel
  5. Remakes
    • conditions (sole credit on original movie?)
    • price-usually 1/3d of original purchase price if sole writer of remake
  6. Television
    • cable fee
    • series
    • Movie of the Week (m.o.w.)
  7. Additional Writing Services
    • rewrites
    • polishes
    • additional money or not
    • expenses
    • travel
  8. Credit
    • size of type
    • single card or not
    • story by if not sole written by
    • which position if shared card with later writer (WGA)
  9. Reversion
    • how long after purchase if buyer fails to make film will writer get back the property
    • turnaround payment or not
  10. Reserved Rights
    • novel
    • stage
    • radio
    • audio book
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