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Deal Point Checklist:

Personal Manager Agreement

  1. Duties
    • Exclusive Manager
    • Sole Manager
    • Length of term
    • Options to extend (mutual or one party only)
    • Milestones
    • Services
  2. Expenses/Reimbursements
    • Type
    • Limits
    • What needed to verify
    • Consents over certain amounts
    • Pre-approvals of certain types of expenditures
    • Deduct from income
    • Statements
    • Receipts
    • Mode of travel (coach vs. first class, hotel vs. motel, compact vs. luxury car rental, etc.)
  3. Fees and Percentages
    • How much.
    • What if fired?
    • What if new manager? Paying two managers?
    • Limits of how long fees to be received after termination of agreement.
    • Does old manager share in improved terms negotiated on a prior agreement by new manager?
    • Are songwriting royalties to be excluded?--Musicians only
  4. Other Clients and Activities
    • Manager may have other clients or be exclusive to artists
    • Manager may have other activities, such as being a Producer
  5. Power of Attorney
    • Authority to sign or not sign agreements without consulting client
    • Sign, deposit or cash checks
    • Separate escrow accounts for monies received by manager, or deposited into general account
    • Final approval on photos and publicity-who has
  6. Loans From Manager to Artist
    • Yes or no
    • How paid back
    • Interest, if any
  7. Key Man Clause
    • If manager is at management company and leaves, does contract terminate, go to new management company, or is new manager appointed
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