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Deal Point Checklist:

Location Agreement

  1. Use of the Property
    • Interior
    • Exterior
    • Which structures
    • Which portions
  2. Term
    • Length of use
    • Extension rights
    • Scheduling conflicts with later users
  3. Condition of Property
    • Placement of equipment
    • Removal
    • Leave property in original condition
    • Repairs
    • Removal of fixtures
    • Temporary modifications
    • Consent to additional alterations during use
  4. Indemnity/Insurance
    • Damage or injury to persons and personal property
    • The property itself
    • Amount ($1million to $5 million)
    • Owner named as co-insured
  5. Grant of Rights
    • Use of film/photos
    • Waiver of privacy, publicity and similar rights
  6. Payment
    • Preparation Days
    • Photography Days (may be double price of prep and strike)
    • Strike/Clean up Days
    • Payment Plan
      • upon execution, and
      • start of principal photography and
      • end of use upon signing a release
    • Additional Days
      • same rates as payment plan
      • payment in advance, based upon estimate of days of use
    • No charge for restoration days
      • limit on free days
      • penalty for delay in restoration
        • daily rate same as for strike day
  7. Election of Studio not to Proceed
    • payments for use
    • restoration
  8. Property Owner's Right to Injunction
    • only if acts of filmmaker could cause permanent damage
    • otherwise, limited to damages
  9. Modifications
    • list all on Rider
      • permanent
      • temporary
  10. Other Matters
    • Billing Credit for Landowner
    • Landowner's site representative allowed on set
    • Restrictions on where users can go and not go on property
    • Escrow deposit to cover damages not covered by insurance
      • amount?
    • Moving of personal property and storage
  11. Guarantee
    • if filmmaker is not a studio, but a studio is behind the production, obtain a guarantee from the studio
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