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Deal Point Checklists:

Life Story Rights Option

Video Tips

Free Video Lecture Series
    Option Price
    • amount
    • extension amount
    • length of time
    • credited against purchase price?

    Purchase Price Upon Exercise of Option

    • amount
    • initial television
    • initial fee
    • increases in purchase price based on higher t.v. licensing fees
    • amount if initial theatrical U.S. release (as opposed to t.v.)

    Purchase Price if T.V. and then Theatrical

    • U.S. Theatrical prior to t.v.=100% of purchase price
    • U.S. Theatrical after initial t.v. = 50% of purchase price
    • Foreign either prior or subsequent to U.S. t.v. = 50% of purchase price

    Subsequent Production

    • remake at 50% of purchase price
    • sequel at 33.33% of purchase price
    • TV series
      • price at 30 minutes
      • price at 60 minutes
      • price at 60+ minutes

    Consulting Services

    • duty to provide materials
      • who pays copying, transfer, storage and return
      • who keeps when production is complete
    • duty to meet with writers
    • travel expense issues
    • costs such as telephone and per diem issues
    • fees in addition to purchase price

    Personal Appearances

    • talk shows, etc.
    • amount of appearances required
    • travel expenses
    • fee (if not part of consulting fee)

    Prior Grants and Due Diligence

    Rights Granted

    • territory
    • media
    • allied and ancillary
    • likeness/image
      • approvals
      • consultation rights
    • fictitious portrayal
    • print rights

    Reserved Rights

    • book
    • stage
    • radio
    • first refusals for purchaser


    • creative consultant
    • associate producer


    • term of years (5 to 7)
    • turnaround payment required
      • interest
      • back end participation
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