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Deal Point Checklists:

Finder Agreement

Video Tips

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  • Service Term
    • time limit
    • ends when funded to budgetary requirements
    • how terminated?
  • Consultation
    • between Production Company and Finder
    • required meetings
  • Compensation
    • percent of amount raised
    • if escrow or blocked account is used, will Finder have to wait until released?
    • if threshold escrow amount not reached and money returned to investors, then no fee
    • if no escrow used, can Finder deduct percentage "off the top"?
    • do loans count? Or only investor money
  • Credit
    • Executive Producer
    • Associate Producer
    • tie credit to minimum amount raised
    • sole or shared credit
    • prints only? Or prints and paid ads
  • No Obligation to Use Sources
    • no obligation to find financiers
    • no obligation of Production Company to use financiers found by Finder
    • no restriction on Production Company using other sources
    • no restriction that prevents Finder from working on other projects
  • Indemnification
  • Attorney Fees to Winner if Lawsuit
  • Which State Law to apply?
  • Arbitration as option to litigation

    Note: In many States a "finder" must be a licensed Securities Broker. Check your local laws to verify.

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