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Deal Point Checklist:

Co-Production Agreement (Film)

  1. Purpose of Co-Production
    • Name of Motion Picture
    • Budget Amount
  2. Term
    • Conditions to moving forward, such as raising money and time limits.
  3. Term After Money Raised.
    • Term of years
    • Life of copyright
    • In perpetuity
  4. Financing
    • How picture will be financed (private investor, bank, pre-sell, studio, combination)
  5. Fees in budget
    • Producer
    • Executive Producer
  6. Obligations and Duties
    • List who is doing what for the production of the motion picture
  7. Creative Control
    • Business side
    • Creative side
    • Final cut as between the parties
    • Approvals
    • Production schedule
    • Rating
    • Length
    • Delivery date
    • Editing/looping/dubbing/subtitles
  8. Credits
    • First position
    • Separate Card/same card
    • Size of type
  9. Ownership of the picture
  10. Distribution duties and plans
  11. Fees, percentages of receipts (profits) and expense reimbursement
    • Domestic
    • Foreign
    • Home video
    • Television-pay, cable, syndication, network, etc.
    • Merchandize
    • Soundtrack
    • All other allied and ancillary
    • Will these rights be split or divided?
  12. Confidentiality
  13. Exclusive to the project or free to work on other projects.
    • If exclusive, for what period of time.
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