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Deal Point Checklist

Composer Agreement

  1. Video Tips

    Free Video Lecture Series
    • Partial upon signing agreement
    • Partial upon commencement of recording musical score
    • Partial on completion and delivery
  2. Start Date
  3. Services
    • write
    • compose
    • arrange
    • orchestrate
    • conduct
    • engineer
    • Picture and trailers
    • deliver acceptable score
      • cue sheets
      • master tapes
      • protection dubs
    • Soundtrack Album
  4. Playing Time
  5. Approvals by Production Company
  6. Delivery Dates
  7. Exclusive or non-exclusive to project
  8. Screen Credit
    • Main Titles
      • Above or below title
      • Separate or shared card
      • Size of type
    • End Titles (Crawl)
      • Separate and additional end title credit for songs written by Composer
      • Paid ads
  9. Expenses
    • airfare
    • lodging
    • auto
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