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Client List

The following is a representative list of clients of The Law Offices of Michael Norman Saleman, who have provided written consent to be listed and/or linked on this website. Certain other clients, due to privacy concerns, have indicated that they do not wish to be listed on the website. You can also see a listing of clients and credits on the Internet Movie Database.

Abernethy Media Professionals, Inc.
Against the Wind Films, LLC Tim Ramos/Chris Eyre
Alter Ego Entertainment, Inc.
Arrival Pictures
Auberon Entertainment
Banzai! Entertainment
Belief Pictures
Elony Bejarano
Berg Productions
Big Picture Films Inc.
Birdnose Productions
Birnbaum/Schermbeck Films
Blue Horse Films/Viki Williamson
Betty Buckley/Blue Sky Pictures
Blue Thunder Films
Brian Brushwood/Bizarre Magic, Inc.
Cactus Animal Productions
Chase Productions/Chase Foster
Cook Off Production Partners
Desert Lizards/Chocolate Lizards
Dodgy Monkey Media
Erik Clapp/Seventy-8
Closed Door Productions
Doubble Troubble Entertainment
Firefly Films
Four Winds Pictures
Galan Productions, Inc./Hector Galan
Gallagher Headquarters Ranch/Chris Hill
Giant Pictures, Inc.
Glacier Entertainment
Granite House, Inc.
Kelly Greene/"Attack of the Bat Monsters"
Cynthia Hall Productions
Hinterland Pictures
Igo Films
Image Brokers, Inc.
Imajinative Productions
Impello Films/ David Stanley
ISDG, Inc.
J26 Productions
Jack E. Jett
Jack Rhodes Productions, Inc.
Jimmie Rodgers Properties I, L.P.
Michael Kardos
Laura Karr (The Can Opener Gourmet)
Darrell Kreitz/A Zip an' a Hum, Inc.
KTA Entertainment
L.A. Film Permits, Inc.
LearnFree, Inc.

Little Big Bend Productions, Inc.
Linda McAlister
Loud Pictures
Susan McAuley/Susie Homemaker
Russ Marker
Anthony Mastromauro
Megalomedia, Inc.
Daniel Millican
Miscellaneous Productions
Chris Mitchum
Mythos ND, LLC
Night and Day Films
New Artist Radio Corporation
New World Pictures
No Grits No Glory Productions, Inc.
NoHo Production Company
NueVision Entertainment
Marco Perella
Opus Films
Pendulum Productions, Inc.
Lalo de Pilar
Pinpoint Ideas &Solutions, Inc.
Project Teach LLC/Chalk
Pullen-Murphy Productions
Raimondi Films
Resurrection Management
Roll Dallas Roll Film Productions
Seaglass Pictures
Serendipitous Films, Inc.
Stranger Than Fiction Films
Sysmic Productions
Swipe Films
Talent Film Group/Lew Adams
TFDCorp/Texas Film Development Project
The Riff Productions, Inc.
Theater Technologies, Inc./Landmark Organization, Inc.
3d's Productions
Trinity Films
Vera Dude Films, Inc./Tisha Blood
Video Cine
Visual Acoustics
Tony Vidmer/AWV Productions, Inc.
Visuplay Entertainment, Inc.
Ricky Williams, Inc.
Steve Wolf
YMC Records



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