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Biography: Michael Norman Saleman

Michael Norman Saleman is a Martindale-Hubbell AV rated attorney at law admitted to practice law in the States of Texas and California, Federal Courts of the United States and United States Tax Court. He is a graduate of UCLA and Whittier College School of Law. He was admitted to practice law in California in 1980 and in Texas in 1994.

Mr. Saleman has three offices, one in Los Angeles, California, one in Austin, Texas and another in Dallas, Texas. He is also affiliated with a law office in Nashville, Tennessee.

Michael Norman Saleman: Attorney at LawMr. Saleman’s practice maintains a special emphasis on the representation of independent filmmakers. In the course of such representation, he handles the creation of production companies, prepares financing documents, handles production/legal contracts and distribution negotiation and agreements. He also represents film, television, multimedia, music and software clients in Texas, California and other parts of the United States.

In his 33+ years of practice, in the area of film, he has represented independent filmmakers, television producers, writers, former studio heads of network programming, directors, actors and other members of the entertainment industry. He has been involved in negotiation and transactions, as well as litigation, involving films which have been distributed on a worldwide basis. He has prepared offerings, L.L.C.s, limited partnerships and other financing vehicles for independent film projects.

Some films that he has worked on over the years include “Tilt” (Brooke Shields first film), “Das Boot”, “All the Pretty Horses”, “Dancer, Texas Pop.81”, “Going Overboard” (Adam Sandler’s first feature film as a lead) and many others. A representative list of clients is available here on this website and many of these can also be found in this listing on the Internet Movie Database. His own website, www.movielaw.net has been acclaimed as a valuable tool for independent film producers seeking legal information in connection with their films.

He has lectured at film festivals, such as SXSW and in continuing education seminars for other entertainment attorneys. He has also lectured at the University of Texas at Austin, Loyola Law School, Whittier College School of Law, Chapman College Film School and other institutions. He acts as advisor to the Texas Film Commission, sits on the board of the Film Texas Fund and was one of the drafters of the Texas Film Development Act.

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